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Back to attack Japan tour is over !

tokyo 11

The old bastards are back home after twelve intensive and crazy days in Japan. Thanks to everyone for great support and all band we shared stage with it was a blast. Special thanks to all members in AI. Koide, Eno, Ma-Boh, Katsuta, Yuki, Jag and of course So and our excellent driver Ushiroda for making this happen, We love you all and hope to see in the future.

Tusen takk !!

Huge thanks to Anne and Blitz for en veldig hyggelig kveld i Oslo vi hadde veldig moro!


Spasibo bol’shoye !!


The Russian tour is over….Thanks to all who came to Saint Petersburg and Moscow shows and to all the bands we shared stages with, great hanging out with you guys. Special thanks to Oleg and Sergei “REFORESTATION RECORDS” for making this happen. Na zdorovje to you all !!!


tack och bock !!

Jädra skoj helg vi hade i Stockholm och Kristinehamn, tack alla band som vi fick nöjet att spela med. Idiot Ikon, Svaveldioxid, Deathraid, Dissekerad, Vengeance of Karma och givetvis alla som såg spektaklet, på återseende vänner!

krist 3

Time for some noise !!

The vacation is over for the lazy bastards,, it’s time for some mangel in Italy. Hope to see you in Milano and Bologna this weekend // Cheers

boccaccio web bologna ny

Tack och bock !!

Tack Umeå och alla inblandade för en brutalt rolig fest


UK tour is over !!

Thanks to all the bands we’ve shared stages with and to all the lovely people who we had the pleasure to hang out with. Special thanks to Erick, Declaration of war and The Vile hope to see you all soon and keep up the mangel


Tack Gbg !


Tack Göteborg och alla ni som gjorde lördagen till en mangelfest, alltid lika kul att få komma ner till er och sorry för att takplattan: Minnenas Motell

”Klassikerna radades upp på löpande band: ”Res dig mot överheten”, ”Religion är hjärntvätt”, ”Racist regime”, ”Rustning är ett brott”, ”Kärnvapen attack” och givetvis ”Dom ljuger” och ”Animal Liberation”. Det verkade vara fler än jag som sätter de två sistnämnda som bandets bästa låtar. Moshpiten och crowdsurfingen fick bland annat en takplatta att lossna, fantastiskt.”

Tour update 2015

  • 7 February – Göteborg
  • 6 March – Birmingham
  • 7 March – Brighton
  • 8 March – London
  • 4 April – Umeå
  • 30 April – Kuala Lumpor
  • 1 May – Singapore
  • 2 May – Jakarta
  • 6 May –Brisbane
  • 7 May –Sydney
  • 8 May –Melbourne
  • 9 May – Adelaide
  • 10 May –Melbourne


Australasian Attack Tour 2015


Awesome fest !


Thanks Bloodshed crew for a brutal fest last weekend, the old bastards had a really great time.

Tack Kiaaahlmaaaa

Tack Martin och Dirty Music Club för en askul spelning på Daltons.

Kalmar nästa !

Kalmar 2014

Se till att dra er till Läckeby på lördag då bjuds det upp till mangel

Tack Per, Ronny och alla andra !

Tack Klubb Kronstadt, Püssy a Go Go , Dead Rhythm för en härlig mangel helg i Stockholm och alla ni som dök upp. Nu finns vi även på Twitter https://twitter.com/mob_47_official och på Instagram http://instagram.com/mob_47_official# Keep up the mangel Punks !!!

Help our brother Jocke D-takt


Mob47/Protes Bengt will help our friend Jocke and his label D-takt & Råpunk Records who almost lost everything in a big flood last week. Barvak at Insane Society Records helped us print a bunch of Protes Bengt 7” and all the money from this 32 song ep will go to Jocke and his label, so next time you see Mob47 or Desperat playing live buy a record and support him. Keep up the mangel and In Bengt we trust / Chrille, Åke, Johan, Per and Ola


Obrigado !!

BrazilAfter two intensive and crazy weeks is Brazilian tour over for this time, we totally had a blast. We want to thank all bands we played with, the venues and all of you who showed up at the shows. Special thanks to Victor Whipstriker and Victor in Rio de Janeiro. Picard, Thiago and Mariana Silva in Brasilia and of course Bucho “Alex “ Discos and Wanderlea in São Paulo for good food and shelter, you are heros and we love you all.

Após duas intensas e loucas semanas em nossa Tour no Brasil nós estamos maravilhados com o tempo que tivemos. Gostaríamos de agradecer a todas as bandas que tocaram com a gente, todos os locais em que tocamos e as pessoas que nos assistiram. Um agradecimento especial ao Victor Whipstriker e ao Victor do Rio de Janeiro. Também ao Picard, Thiago e Mariana Silva em Brasília e, claro, Bucho ”Alex” Discos e Wanderlea em São Paulo pela boa comida e hospedagem, vocês são heróis e AMAMOS TODOS VOCÊS! Tudo de melhor,

tHanKs !!


The Italian/Slovenia tour is over and it was a blast. Big hug to Kontatto, Simon at MKNZ and of course everyone that showed up at the shows. Special thanks to all lovely friends that help us with food and accommodation.

Hope to see you in the moshpit this weekend boys and girls!!


28 March at Foa Boccaccio – Monza 29 March at MKNZ – Ilirska Bistrica 30 March at Atlantide – Bologna

The picture is from La Scintilla Squat 2008 Modena

Kiitos !


Thanx to all the Finnish bands we’ve shared stages with and to all lovely people we hang out with, we had a really great time in Finland. Special thanx to Manu and to our friends who arranged accommodation and food, hope to see ya soon!

BACK TO ATTACK 2X12” is back in stock


På grund av efterfrågan är det nu äntligen dags för den tredje återpressen av BACK TO ATTACK från D-takt och Råpunk Records, 500ex är den upptryckt i och kan beställas i början av december via dbeatrawpunk@gmail.com
Play it loud and keep up the kängväve punks

End of the Road !!


We are back in Sweden in one piece after a complete success Road to Mangel West Coast Tour.  We had a great time with old and new friends. Thanks to Aimee, Thomek, Nick, Foat, Jay, Jeremy, Amy, Kay, Dusty, Deathraid dudes, Tragedy, Koszmar, all the bands we played with and to everyone who housed us, bought us food and beer. Thanks also to all punks who support us on this kick-ass tour, you guys rock !!

Thanks !!

Thanks everyone for two brutal punk festivals this summer. First Play fast or don’t and then Monteparadiso fest. We had a great time and fun to meet old and new friends. Big hug and thanks to Ondra, Otto, Mico, Philip and Sale. Next show will be in Vancouver in september.

Two brutal festivals this summer !

play fast 2013      monte 1


Good old days 1985