Köszönöm szépen !


Thanks to everyone for great support and great atmosphere in Budapest and Veszprém, it was a blast! Special thanks to Daniel and the bar crew at Szigony you guys gave us a brutal hangover!

Time to mangel again !

Hope to see you this weekend in Hungary !

budapest ungern-2

Johan has decide to leave Mob47


After eleven great years Johan has decide to leave Mob 47.

There are no hard feelings between the band members he just think it’s enough with mangling the bass for now. Last shows with Johan will be in Hungary 14-15 of October. We wish him all the best in the future and thanks dude for all great times we had together.

New bassplayer will be Christoffer Larsson (Lautsturmer, Voidfiller, Korsfäst).

Welcome Christoffer to Mob forty fucking seven!

Thanks !!!


Balkan tour is over and thanks to everyone for great support Special thanks to Simon that make this happen and Luka, Nika, Jan and Gasper in PAKT you rule !


Balkan Attack Tour

Balkan tour 1

Back to attack Japan tour is over !

tokyo 11

The old bastards are back home after twelve intensive and crazy days in Japan. Thanks to everyone for great support and all band we shared stage with it was a blast. Special thanks to all members in AI. Koide, Eno, Ma-Boh, Katsuta, Yuki, Jag and of course So and our excellent driver Ushiroda for making this happen, We love you all and hope to see in the future.


japan 2011

A million thanks to So Theyouth for making this happen again.


30 April 2016 ­Kappunk fest

1 May 2016 Kappunk fest

3 May 2016 G-Side / Hamamatsu

4 May 2016 Red Dragon / Nagoya

5 May 2016 King Cobra Squat / Osaka

7 May 2016 Border / Hiroshima

8 May 2016 Keith Flack / Hakata

10 May 2016 Earth Dom / Tokyo