Huge thanks to Fede and Stachel for bringing us to Mallorca and everyone who showed up to Algaida gig! As usual it was nice meeting new friends and the atmosphere was fantastic. Hope to see you all again and keep up the kängnäve!


Upcoming this weekend!

спасибо !

Back in Sweden after two brutal gigs in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Huge thanks to Sergey and all the nice people who made our weekend in Russia fantastic.


Upcoming !!!


Back home after a brutal fun weekend in UK, we really enjoyed it!! Thank all who were involved and special thanks to Heresy Steve who picked us up at Nottingham train station, The Wankys guys of course and the rest of the crew for taking care of us old bastards. Hope to see you all again and until that day keep up the MANGEL and Tänk på barnen!