Tack 2022

Tack som fan alla inblandade för ett mangligt 2022, ses 2023

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Mangel i Malmö !

Malmö Massacre 2022

Snart är det dax för festival!

OEF 2022

TRE KRONOR HARDCORE MANGEL LEGEND!!! Well, it can’t be any bad here. The absolute legend of the style, existing since 1983, MOB 47!!! Everybody loves them, from punks to true grinders. Who doesn’t love the dirty sound of extreme hardcore, Ake’s guitar saw, Christoffer’s grinding bass and Chrille’s furious drum cannonade!!!
Looking forward to classic songs like ”Kärnvapen Attack” and also new stuff, as Mob 47 have been announcing a new record for a while now!!! This Stockholm squad will smash us for the third time at OEF and we really can’t wait!!! MOB 47 at OEF, so what else do you want to hear?!?

Tack Close-Up !

Stort tack till alla inblandade för en sanslöst bra och kul punkbåt. Foto: Ia Ingvarsdotter

Close-Up båt 2022

Nedräkningen har börjat !


Snart är det dax !


Punk Illegal 2022

Då var det äntligen dags igen !


Mob 47 + Andy The Band + Golvad Grävling

We open doors at 420PM and Jonas will be spinning records while we fire up the outdoor grill. Festival vibes for the first show without restrictions! Spread the word, invite your friends, share the event, and get your tickets! ❤…/millencolin-live-at-plan-b…

After the show we’ll be open till 3AM! Stick around!